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January 20th, 2011 / 1 Comment

You may be wondering why you should pay to download this book when the information is available elsewhere, but it is much more than that.

This book contains a wider range of information than there can be found on any single website. It is the combined knowledge of many different people whom I met throughout my fetish life and useful information from forums and websites. All knowledge has been collected, written down, structured, reviewed, questioned and authenticated. All the information you can find in my book is based on years of experience in the fetish community. No fake information, hidden agendas or B.S.

I have been there myself. From being stuck in a circle of madness, driven by the suppression of myself, through my phases of self reflection and development. Until now, being established in the fetish scene, living the balanced life I want to live and holding the steering wheel myself.

So if you are looking for authentic information on latex fetishism written by somebody you can trust, then this book is what you are looking for. This is the book I wished I had access to when I was in the process of “coming out” and finding myself.

1 Comment

  • Paul Tipper says:

    Hi Nice to know this book. I was into leather for years. Since rubber, i hardly ever wear my leathers. Rubber gives me so much extra energy. Walking on the street, hearing it ripple over my body. Makes Cumthing happen down under!!
    I say I wore LEATHER. RUBBER I AM!!! It,s 100x more tectile. When in rubber, I AM RUBBER!!! for the rest of my life, I hope. Paul T

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