Rubber Life Review by Eva Lamour

December 18th, 2012 / 1 Comment

Eva Lamour who works for Fetish Map London just posted a great review of Rubber Life:

3xL’s book is full of information and is a complete companion to any latex lover. Each chapter provides the reader with a different facet of the latex lifestyle. From ‘Your latex wardrobe’ and ‘Latex care’, to shopping tips, and how to share your love for wearing latex with others, plus a list of various retailers, clubs and forums, ‘Rubber life’ is a story of discovery as well as a practical guide.

Read the full review on Fetish Map London’s blog…

1 Comment

  • thomas bleicken says:

    Gefällt mir gut was ich bisher gelesen habe .mit geilen gummigruss gumtom

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