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January 19th, 2011 / 7 Comments

When many people think about what it means to live a latex lifestyle, they see images of someone encased in latex from head to toe. I don’t blame you. Some years ago when I was coming to terms with my latex fetish, I pictured the same thing. However, now that I am living the lifestyle myself, it has a much deeper meaning to me than being encased in rubber 24/7. It all about, who I really am.

I am a latex fetishist and I deserve to be loved for who I am. Latex has become a naturally part of my life, just like air and food. I need it to function and to feel fulfilment in my life. Further more, I get off on latex, so when it comes to sex, it’s not negotiable, it’s a requirement.

While the road towards fetish freedom is a walk in the park for some people, it can be a long journey full of obstacles for others, as it was in my case. The thought of having to break out from the norm might be frighting, but that is only understandable. Coming to terms with a latex fetish is not easy, especially when you don’t understand it and what you require to satisfy it.

But if you find a way to embrace who you are, you too will experience a deep feeling of happiness and fulfilment in your life. Whether you choose to attend events wearing latex, or if you prefer to wear it on a more regular basis, is entirely up to you. The frequency with which you choose to wear it and how open you are when you wear it is entirely up to you. Actually everything about the latex fetish lifestyle is entirely up to you. It is all about creating your own space and setting your own borders. So stand up for yourself and do what it takes to live the lifestyle of your dreams!

In the past, finding information on how to live this lifestyle was difficult to find. Now, my book offers a lot of practical information on how to start living a latex life. It is full of advice on how to accept your preferences, find clothing that you will love to wear and connect with friends and partners who accept you for what you are.


  • David Schlosser says:

    Just to add to the latex fetish lifestyle I found a website that interview a latex Mistress and she help me to understand this fetish more clearly to me if I can quote her the question was this.
    What is so special about Rubber and why is it a part of your sexuality? answer was
    It seems now a day that everyone is into latex or at least says they are a rubber model. But do they wear this because it looks good on them and merely fashion? To me being a true Rubberist is not one being dominant or submissive, it is a journey into one’s self. It is a very deep personal part of me that I don’t do for anybody but myself.It is a love affair with Rubber.In many ways words cannot describe how close of a connection I have towards my fetish for rubber. To those who understand , I need not to go on. To those who never have had the pleasure, you don’t know what you are missing. I am and always be a Rubberist.
    This made me think deeply into who I was and found that I was a Rubberist and my Journey started from that day forward it’s now to find my other half to share this Journey with.
    The Mistress if I can mention her is Mistress Sable of LA California thank you 3xL and to Mistress Sable I am a Rubberist and will be for ever !!!!!!!!
    Dave Schlosser

  • Paul T says:

    Hi David, thanks for the rubber life story. My Dick started to bulge reading it. thanks for the rubber truths

    Paul T

  • Ataraxia` says:

    “This, above all,
    And, as the day follows the night,
    Thou canst not be false to any man.”
    – Hamlet

  • Latexriki says:

    Very nicely put! I have had a latex fetish from my earliest memories, before I knew anything about sex or what these feelings that I had were even about! I knew nothing about the existence of latex clothing at that time or that there were other people that felt the same way. I used to dream of being totally clothed in material like those rubber gloves that soooo excited me!

    I like what you said about your rubber fetish being anything that you like it to be and it’s connection to sex. I think that many people believe that a sexual fetish is something that replaces sex and can interfere with normal relationships in that area. For me, wearing latex is a sexual adventure in itself but, it doesn’t replace sex. Indeed, while wearing latex, I crave sex even more!

    I wear latex a large part of almost every day and often sleep in it. I don’t go out in rubber on a regular basis, but it is a part of my daily life. I doesn’t interfere with my life or rule my thoughts. I wear it because I love and want to.

    As for sex, as you mentioned, it’s a must! I am gay and my Boyfriend also has a huge latex fetish. We ALWAYS wear latex for sex, usually footed gloved and sometimes hooded latex catsuits.


  • Latexriki says:

    I wanted to add a little more that I feel is really relevant to Davids above comment, “What is so special about Rubber and why is it a part of your sexuality?”

    I think people can develop a latex fetish who have not had it from the beginning and maybe even what I term as a true sexual fetish. I differentiate between a latex fetish and a true latex sexual fetish in the manner that it effects them.

    I think people can be sexually aroused by wearing it because of the way it feels or looks on their selves or others. It makes a person excited just for the look or how it feels, but more for those reasons that are external and the fact that it is rubber is secondary and achieves that outer look and feel of excitement. For me, it’s all those things and more but, it goes much deeper than that and I consider myself a True Latex Fetishest, (sexual fetishest). Just the knowledge that it is smooth, shiny, stretchy latex in itself, regardless of all those other turn ons, snug against my skin is hugely exciting! It’s not a bondage thing about wanting it snug, I just want that total contact on it on my skin with not even body hair between it and me. Just the pure fact, not even considering all the other wonderfully exciting things about it, that it is latex.

    I’m not sure what “The Latex Lifestyle” means to all people but, to me, I need to eat, drink, sleep, go about my daily activities and I NEED TO WEAR LATEX. It’s not normal, but a NORMAL part of MY life! It doesn’t rule me or restrict my life in any way. I don’t wear it because I can’t stop, I wear it be cause I WANT to! Most of the time, when “playing, or just around the house in nothing but rubber, I am extremely, MOST of the time, turned on! When out in the general public with a catsuit under regular street clothing, I can almost forget I have it on when thinking about other things, such as the shopping or what ever I am doing. Then I twist just right and feel the latex on me or my rubber covered toes wiggling in my shoes and I am fighting an erection.

    I think I may understand in yet another way, what David said about it being an extremely personal thing.
    I don’t feel like I am an Exhibitionest but, I do sometimes like to leave a little latex peeking out from under street clothing at the neck, sleeves or ankles. Because, for me, latex is such a personal thing and associated in my mind with sex, if someone happens to look like they noticed, I sort of feel like I have been caught masturbating or something. I really don’t want to be noticed but, when it happens, it is rather exciting. I don’t know, maybe that does make me an Exhibitionest .

    Although the reasons why are interesting to think about, I have never really tried to analyze it or thought too deeply about it. I never had to come to terms with it. I seem to have been born and grew up with these feelings, don’t remember ever feeling any different about it and it has just been a normal part of my life. Everyone is different but, for me, it’s such a normal part of life that it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that NOT EVERYONE, feels this way. Why isn’t everyone turned on by latex? That’s what is hard for me to understand!

    As stated above, for sex, it’s a must! My Boyfriend also has a huge latex fetish and we always wear full rubber for sex. I could very much enjoy naked sex, but why would we want to when we can do it in latex?

    Bottom line: I don’t know what the wiring is that causes a love of latex, I’m just thankful that I’m wired that way! I am in latex more than not and, if you count sleeping in it, MOST of the time to some degree.

    Is there something more to what the latex life means in this discussion than I am catching. It doesn’t inhibit my relationships or interaction with “regular” people or the world around me. It DOES have deep emotional feelings for me! I could get along fine without it but, it sure would be a drab and plain existence!


  • Tina says:

    Nice post. I guess I am a part time latex fetish lover. I have a couple of latex dresses and I adore them. However I’m not latex exclusive if you get my meaning.

    I think my heart belongs to shiny spandex clothing, but I love a good latex outfit.

  • Chris says:

    I’m really finding it so interesting reading peoples comments its helpful seeing it from other people’s point of view I have allwayz felt like it’s only me “as if there was something wrong with me”. but over the yaers iv came too except my self and my fetish and its wonderful too see I’m not the only one.

    I moved away from my childhood home to the other side of the country I work from home with this new lifestyle I can truly discover my self and my “rubber side” but the more and more I learn about it the more I realise there’s only one true version of me and he is covered head too toe in latex.

    I confess Iv let latex dominate my life abit maybe that’s a bad thing but it fills soo right. For the last 3 years iv been living in latex as often as I can for as long as I can and I’m not likely too ever stop.

    Latex is more then a fetish it’s who I am it’s my life.

    When I’m wearing latex I’m truly Inhabitin my true self I just fill better happier more confident more self-assured everything I do in latex no matter how difficult or mundane is all of a sudden easyer and significantly more fun wieldly more fun and this filling is only amplified with the more latex that covers my body, so tell me why, why would I ever wont this filling to end.

    The sexaral pleaser that latex provides me is incredible too say the very least and even when I’m no longer turned on I’m still covered head toe in rubber because even if it’s not sexual it doesn’t ever stop filling amazing,

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