NomenLoony’s Review of Rubber Life

March 10th, 2022 / 0 Comment

NomenLoony, a musician from Yorkshire (UK) shares his latex fetish adventures on his blog and in vlogs. He recently reviewed Rubber Life, my latex guidebook:

I was greatly impressed by NomenLoony’s latex video due to how well he expressed his passion for latex. It was so natural and wholesome.

NomenLoony’s weblog can be found at, or you can follow him on Twitter at @nomenloony or Instagram at nomenloony.

Rubber Life Review by RockInRubber

February 13th, 2022 / 0 Comment

RockInRubber, a UK based latex lover, has published a really nice video review of my latex fetish guide – Rubber Life:

What a wonderful review! I’m very happy that my writing has made such a huge impact on someone like RockInRubber. By the look of it, his copy seems to have been well used!

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Who is in Control – You or Your Fetish?

January 28th, 2022 / 0 Comment

For most of my life, I have been extremely embarrassed about my fetish. From an early age, I have been struggling with my fetish on a daily basis and often saw it more as a curse, than a blessing. As much as I dreamed about sharing my fetish with another person, I was terrified by the thought of not being understood and being seen as weird and perverted. My fetish clearly had a huge control of my life.

This was the case until the day that I decided that enough was enough, and came out of the closet. This action started a change in my life and the way that I dealt with my fetish. I became more and more confident and was able to utilize the power the fetish gave me to make some much-needed changes in my life. By being active in the fetish community, online and in real life, I eventually came to terms with it and accepted that the fetish is a part of who I am and learned that it’s not something that I need to hide or be embarrassed about.

Today, my fetish only takes up a small part of myself, if you compare it to before I came out. It’s still there – but it’s no longer in control.

Please ask yourself the following questions OR even answer them in the comments below:

1.: Who is in control – you or your fetish?

2.: If your fetish is in control:

a.: What can/could you do – to be an active part of the fetish community?

b.: What is stopping you from taking action?

Interview with the DollCast

January 25th, 2022 / 0 Comment

DollKraft is a New Zealand-based latex-loving couple that hosts their own podcast about all things in the world of latex and beyond. Together they chat about latex fetishism, zentai outfits, cosplay and other nerdy things. Wholesome and down-to-earth!

I had the pleasure of talking to both of them about my own latex journey, how my latex fetish book came to be, how to explore your latex fetish, what latex to wear, wearing latex in public and how to meet like-minded people.

Watch the episode here – The DollKast 008: Beginning with Latex! Enjoy! It’s both enlightening and entertaining!

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Rubber Life Review by Eva Lamour

December 18th, 2012 / 1 Comment

Eva Lamour who works for Fetish Map London just posted a great review of Rubber Life:

3xL’s book is full of information and is a complete companion to any latex lover. Each chapter provides the reader with a different facet of the latex lifestyle. From ‘Your latex wardrobe’ and ‘Latex care’, to shopping tips, and how to share your love for wearing latex with others, plus a list of various retailers, clubs and forums, ‘Rubber life’ is a story of discovery as well as a practical guide.

Read the full review on Fetish Map London’s blog…