About Rubber Life

“Rubber Life” was written by 3xL, a latex fetishist who spent years hiding his love for latex. This book details many of the struggles and challenges that he faced after making the decision to live his life more openly. 

The book is a practical, down to earth look at the many different aspects that are related to latex fetishes and how to live a life- a rubber life. It is full of important information covering aspects such as building a latex wardrobe, caring for your latex garments, and some of the different practices that utilize latex in some way.

More importantly, this book helps latex lovers connect with others already in the lifestyle and can give a wealth of information to those individuals who have always wanted to embrace their passion and make it a more prominent part of their lifestyle.

This book is a fantastic and practical approach to a subject which, while visible in many cases, is often misunderstood. It truly is a great choice for anyone who wants to learn more about latex fetishism and those individuals who love them.

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