The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the Fascinating World of Latex

Do you have a fetish for latex, but unsure what to do about it?

You’re in luck! The only guide you’ll ever need is right here. A practical, down to earth look at the many different aspects that are related to latex fetishes and how to live a life – a rubber life!

Available in eBook, Audiobook & Hardcopy.

“How to live out the latex fetish lifestyle of your dreams!” – 3xL

Topics covered in this latex fetish guide

The book is written to serve as a guide for both new and experienced latex fetishists in mind.


Latex and You

Identify the origin of your latex fetish, the turn ons, learn what you like and how to play it safe.


Your Latex Wardrobe

Learn what you should buy first, what to look for, and how to dress with style and make the most of your money.


Latex Care

Everything you need to know about dressing up, polishing, cleaning, storage and repair your latex clothing.


Coming Out

Improve your self-acceptance, learn how to tell others, and prepare for your first outing.


Fetish Community

Join the online fetish community, socialize at a kinky munch and have a party at the fetish club.


Finding a Latex Partner

Create an attractive online profile, learn to put what you are looking for into words and where to find a partner.

What are the readers saying

I wrote Rubber Life to help others…

…who are in the same position as I was in, to help them learn about their fetish, how to accept it and eventually incorporate it into their daily lives.


Why write a book about latex fetishism?

It’s a fact that a large number of people are walking around with a love for latex but who are too embarrassed or uncomfortable to talk about it.

Why I wrote a book about Latex Fetishism

Why pay for this, when I can get it for free?

You may be wondering why you should pay to download this book when the information is available elsewhere, but it’s much more that that.

Why pay to download this book

What is the latex fetish lifestyle?

Many people think that living a latex lifestyle, is all about being encased from head to toe in latex 24/7. But, this is not always the case.

What is the latex fetish lifestyle

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“This is the book I wished I had access to when I was in the process of “coming out” and finding myself” – 3xL


About the author

3xL is a Copenhagen-based latex fetishist, artist, author, and latex blogger. He writes about latex fetishism, the fetish community and his personal experiences.

His goal is to motivate, educate and share about the wonders of latex and to show outsiders that latex is a fun and creative lifestyle!

To learn more about 3xL, visiting his latex fetish blog or following him on the social media: